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Music & PA Services

We bring the sound to your event

Do you have a conference coming up, an event where you need a sound system or background music, microphones, lighting or evening music & DJ entertainment?

Maybe you are looking for some subtle background music and mood lighting, or you want to announce to the team the latest results of this months sales. Or maybe, a hospitality event at a hotel and you need some atmosphere.

We can supply a DJ, sound and lighting system for your event.

Music & PA Services, Mobile DJ & light show, DJ, party

PA & Lighting

We have a PA & Lighting system that is spectacular – the latest digital technology and it’s 6000W which is plenty big enough to fill a large room, and most importantly it’s discrete, neat looking and compact.
Our light show is music synchronised and computer coordinated to be in beat and in colour sync.
Maybe your company’s theme is orange and blue ….no problem we’ve got you covered.

We can provide handheld or tie-clip radio mics for people speaking, line in for playback from laptops or other sources, background music to create a certain ambience and even a DJ with a stunning sound & light show.

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DJ Mixing & Music Production

Looking to get mixed up? – We have over 20 years experience in mixing!
Former Mastermix & Pure Energy producer DJ James Davies will mix your music – your choice of music, or we can help. From full length continuous DJ mixed albums to short sound bites, punchy intros, sound effects, radio teasers and floor filling music mixes.

Mastering services for all albums available – 20 years experience in audio engineering and mastering.
We can also make bespoke music mixes at specific or ranged BPM for fitness, dance or performances.

Music & PA Services, Mobile DJ & light show, DJ, party

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